Paradox PDX-REM25B Alarm Wireless Remote

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The PDX-REM25B is an Alarm Wireless Remote from Paradox. The REM25B is a two-way wireless remote control that allows you to safely arm and disarm your Paradox security system and receive instant notification on your actions. It also allows you to verify the status of your system from a distance. The REM25B wireless remote offers convenient fingertip control. With its two-way communication capabilities, the REM25B can initiate communication requests directly to your Paradox security system and receive acknowledgment confirmation for your request on the current status of your system. You can rest assured that your system is armed/disarmed and you can even view the status – remotely. With the press of a single button, the REM25B allows you to check the status, arm/disarm, and activate programmable outputs like lights, garage doors, and more. The REM25B offers secured encrypted disarm, meaning it cannot be copied by potential intruders. Performs six different actions such as arming and disarming your system, enabling and disabling PGMs and providing system status secured encrypted disarm function.

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