Your product has arrived and now you are unsure if you are on the right track with installation and configuration.  We are here to help and offer FREE Tier 1 Technical Support, but before you contact us we have a minor question to ask. 

Have you read the installation manual? 

Yes, I know, it is normally the bit that is thrown out with the box, but this is critical in us providing the support you need.  All of our products come with comprehensive step by step installation manuals and we even have videos and manuals on our website under our help guide page, just in case you did "inadvertently" loose your copy.  

Our technical support is catagorised into Tiers, which means you will get the support you need as quickly as possible to get you up and running.

Tier 0

This is you using all the resources available to assist you with the installation and configuration, such as the installation manuals provided with the products and online videos in our help guide.  If we do not have the manual or video on our website, email us and we can provide a link or email you a copy, just make sure you give us your product name and model number.  

Tier 1

This is our Free Technical Support via email to resolve basic installation and configuration issues when you are installing products that have been purchased from our online store.

Tier 2

This is a higher level of support provided by a qualified security technician either onsite or remotely. This tier is for firmware updates, minor programming and minor fault finding.  This is a chargeable service and vouchers for support can be purchased in our online store.

Tier 3

This is advanced level of support provided by a qualified security technician onsite.  This tier is for system analysis for major issues where previous troubleshooting has not resolved the issue.  This tier can also provide installation services for products purchased in our store. This is a chargeable service and an estimate can be provided.

Tier 4

This tier is for when all troubleshooting has failed to provide a resolution and the matter referred back to the product manufacturer for assistance.

I Need Technical Support

So you have got as far as you can with your installation and configuration and need Tier 1 or above Technical Support.  In order to help we need as much information as possible to make sure we can give you the correct information the first time.  Follow the steps below to lodge a support request and our technical support team will contact you via email during office hours Monday to Friday with our recommendations.

  1. Open the contact module in the bottom right corner to chat with us or leave us a message outside of business hours
  2. In the Message section type in the following information:
    • Purchase Tax Invoice Number issued by iCam Security Services
    • Product Code of item that has the issue
    • Detailed description of the issue
    • Troubleshooting that has been completed

Or alternatively, if you wish to attach further information or photos/screen shots of the issue, email with the above information.

Additional Services

Sometimes you may just need a little extra helping hand, we offer remote support and password reset assistance for a small fee.

Hikvision Password Reset

We offer a password reset service for Hikvision CCTV devices that have been purchased through our online store.  This service comes at a small cost and a voucher is available in our online store.  Password resets are only valid for 24 hours from time of issue.

Hikvision Remote Support

We offer Tier 2 remote support via Teamviewer for CCTV systems should you need programming assistance.  This service comes at a relatively cheaper cost than a qualified security technician attending the site and a voucher is available in our online store. Once you have purchased the voucher, we will contact you to arrange a date and time our qualified security technician can assist.