Paradox PDX-IP150 Alarm IP Module

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The IP150 Internet Module is an Internet communication module that enables you to control and monitor your security system through any web browser. The IP150 provides freedom to access your system and receive email notifications anywhere in the world.  IMPORTANT: The IP150 module should only be configured by the installer or a qualified network administrator. For more information on module configuration, consult the IP150 Reference and Installation Manual.  Connecting via the IP150 Internet Module In order to connect to your IP150, you will need the following information: • Paradox DNS Site ID: The DNS Site ID is set by your installer.  • Panel user code: The same code you enter on your keypad to arm the system.  • Module password: The default password or changed password Paradox will be ceasing the MyHome service and strongly suggests to upgrade the Panel and IP150 firmware to the Swan / Insite Gold service. Please note SP4000 control panels are not Swan / Insite Gold compatible.    Feel free to ask any questions by email or calling

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