The benefits of a security intercom at home

Over time, intercoms have crept into day-to-day living for most people. Whether it is an apartment buzzer, a drive-thru window or even in your own home, intercoms provide excellent convenience and security to the world.

Security intercoms can become very sophisticated, with CCTV cameras and control panels. However, these become increasingly pricer with additional gadgets. For most homes, a simple buzzer intercom system is a perfect addition to your home security and provide peace of mind. 


The security aspect of intercom systems is arguably its biggest attraction. Intercom systems are designed to connect the inside of the house to the outside via microphones and speakers. This enables those at home to verify the identity of the person outside while keeping the people inside protected by providing a barrier between them and the visitor, potential intruder, or threat.

Typically, you will be alerted once someone presses your doorbell or activates your intercom. However, some new intercom systems now have a smart feature that notifies you when someone is simply standing outside your door. Through the built-in microphones and speakers of your intercom system, you get to see all the action and even interact with anyone at your door without face-to-face interaction and compromising your security. This minimises certain threats, like an intruder attempting to force their way past you when you answer the door.

Ease of Use and Convenience

A security intercom is a great way to make life at home more comfortable. Modern systems are incredibly intuitive and can be used with little guidance. Hardware, such as wireless doorbells and intercoms, enable you to allow or refuse people into your home without having to get off your couch. A major perk of using a wireless system is that you save money on installation costs as there are no wires to install. 

Another advantage is that intercoms can easily be integrated with existing systems, such as CCTV. This means you don't have to purchase and install an entirely new CCTV system for the sole purpose of working with your new system.

Remote Viewing

It's extremely rare to find someone without a smartphone or computer these days. Intercom systems now support remote viewing, allowing you to see or hear what's happening in and around your home at all times, even when you aren't there. This can be accessed by most smartphones, tablets and computers connected wirelessly to the system, so you can keep track of your home. 

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Paisley Dela Cruz

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Paisley Dela Cruz

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