Hikvision's Brand New EasyIP 4.0 Range

Hikvision is making video surveillance even easier and more user-friendly with their new EasyIP 4.0 Range. The equipment includes a variety of new intelligent features operating on H.265+ codec, meaning these security cameras and video recorders can get more done, in a more efficient and smarter way.

This recently developed range includes three innovative technologies: AcuSense, ColorVu and DarkFighter.

AcuSense Technology

This technology is based on deep-learning algorithms, which enables cameras to provide precise video content analytics (VCA). Additionally, Hikvision's AcuSense CCTV equipment can perform target classification. This increases the accuracy rate of alarms and creating a simpler way to search through video clips. 

ColorVu Technology

With ColorVu technology, areas with no light are no longer a problem for security cameras. ColorVu cameras now have F1.0 advanced lenses, high-performance sensors and warm supplemental lights. These allow the cameras to produce vivid and colourful images 24/7, even in complete darkness.

DarkFighter Technology

Devices with DarkFighter technology produce stunning video with colourful and vivid images in total darkness. DarkFighter security cameras are equipped with 120dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), night vision senses and DarkEye lenses, which are specifically made for dark environments. DarkEye lenses have an aspheric lens with multi-layer anti-reflection coating and ultra-large or constant large aperture. This model of security cameras from Hikvision have various other features, including self-adaptive ISP technologies, hardware noise reduction, and anti-fogging glass.

EasyIP 4.0

A variety of products are featured in the new EasyIP 4.0 range. This includes network video recorders, and of course security cameras, some of which come with a strobe light and audio alarm. Through the combination of flashing lights and an audio alarm, these security cameras will ward off any potential intruders. 

The cameras in the EasyIP 4.0 range come in three different styles: Dome, Turret and Bullet.

This range is an out of the box system, and is perfect for residential and commercial applications, particularly if you have budget or time restrictions.

Other potential applications include:

  • Warehouses
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Borders
  • Parking areas
  • Campuses

With the wide variety of new features introduced in this series, the different applications are endless.

24/7 Colourful Imaging

Once night time begins, conventional cameras start to lose critical details in the dim low-quality footage. Even though infrared LEDs provide extra light for clearer imaging in black and white, the quality is compromised. Hikvision's ColorVu technology puts those cameras to shame with footage captured in bright, vivid full-colour details in complete darkness.

Through the large F1.0 lens, four times more light is collected by ColorVu security cameras than conventional cameras, enabling them to produce brighter images.

Conventional security camera (F2.0) vs ColorVu camera (F1.0)

These cameras include extremely advanced 1/1.8" sensors with Backside Illumination (BSI), Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technologies. With these innovative features, this range of cameras produces bright and colourful footage in pretty much every lighting condition.

Conventional camera vs ColorVu camera lighting

Finally, Hikvision's ColorVu cameras have built-in soft supplemental lighting. These lights are non-dazzling and environmentally friendly, working to ensure colourful images in complete and utter darkness. 

Conventional camera vs ColorVu camera with supplemental lighting

False Alarm Reduction

False alarms are a hassle everyone with a security system has to endure every once and a while - but no more. Previously, alarms were easily set off by things like animals, leaves, and even rain! This caused users to receive too much irrelevant information and increased labour costs by having to double-check each alarm individually.

Now, the EasyIP 4.0 range is powered by deep learning algorithms and have extremely accurate target classifications. This enables the device to differentiate between actual threats, like a human or vehicle, and false threats, like an animal or tree branch. Reducing the rate of these false alarms drastically improves alarm efficiency and effectiveness, which reduces overall labour costs. 

Quick Target Search

Being able to quickly search through your footage is vital when you have hours upon hours of footage. The task rapidly becomes unproductive and time-consuming.

With the EasyIP 4.0 range, that's in the past. Certain Hikvision NVRs now sort video clips into human and vehicle categories. This makes searching through footage much more efficient, as the NVR can swiftly retrieve all video clips from particular classifications from stored videos. 


If you have any questions about the Hikvision's EasyIP 4.0 range or other products we sell, give us a call on 1300 004 226, or through our contact us page.
We are happy to answer any questions you have. 


iCam Security

iCam Security

Hi Terry, thank you for your questions.

Hikvision and Dahua come down to personal preference, as they both have a similar product range and features. If you are after IR lighting for night time either of the 6MP or 8MP range will perform well. You can find our range of Hikvision and Dahua 6MP and 8MP cameras here: https://icamsecurity.com.au/collections/cctv?=pf&pf_v_brand=HikVision&pf_v_brand=Dahua&pf_t_resolution=6%20Megapixel&pf_tresolution=8%20Megapixel

Was there any information you were chasing on the ColorVu range in particular? You can see our range of Hikvision ColorVu cameras here: https://icamsecurity.com.au/collections/hikvision-colorvu

Each of our cameras includes a datasheet on the product page under “Description” and “Downloads” if you’re looking for specifications for the cameras.



Hikvision and Dahua, which is the better system, more features and better resolution at night with possible audio and or lights maybe?



After info on the Hikvision ColorVU camera range. Will then decide which units to buy.

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