Dahua technology: leading video surveillance and cctv brand

Since their founding in 2001, Dahua Technology has become a prominent brand in the video surveillance and CCTV industry with their video-centric smart IoT solutions. 

With over 16,000 employees, Dahua offers end-to-end security solutions in 180 countries and regions. The CCTV manufacturer have devoted themselves to technological innovation, as well as research and development. Dahua CCTV and surveillance products have been widely applied to a multitude of different scenarios, including public security, traffic and retail. 

Sophisticated and Advanced Technology

Dahua continues to produce exceptional technologies and explore emerging opportunities, from their recent thermal imaging range of CCTV equipment to their Starlight security cameras that produce impeccable footage at night. 

Dahua Starlight Technology

With advanced technology partnered with smart features, seeing in the dark is no longer a problem. Dahua Starlight cameras utilise a new and improved optical, sensor and image processing technology to provide flawless footage in ultra low light conditions. 

Starlight has four different low-light technology tiers, each suited for different applications and price ranges.  

You can find more information on how Dahua Starlight works here.

Basic Starlight Technology

Basic Starlight Technology is the most affordable of the four solutions. This technology is ideal for environments with ambient lighting, such as parking lots, stadiums and parks. 

Enhanced Starlight Technology

Enhanced Starlight Technology is the step up from Basic Starlight, producing excellent footage in near dark conditions, down to 0.005 and 0.007 lux. 

Starlight+ Technology

Featuring a 4/3" sensor, IR cut filter and smart imaging algorithms, Starlight+ Technology provides the best low-light performance down to 0.0005 lux. With extremely little noise, this solution is ideal for very dark environments, such as areas with no ambient lighting.  

Night Colour Technology

Unlike the three other tiers, Night Colour Technology does not have an IR cut filter. With an achromatic large-aperture lens, ISP and high-performance sensor, this technology produces 24/7 colour image surveillance at 1 lux.

Retail Solutions

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, many retail stores are opening again. However, many have a limit on the number of people in the store at any one time. This is where Dahua's retail flow solution can help. This solution is specifically designed with advanced equipment, AI and algorithms to track the number of people in a retail environment. 

If the number of people in the store exceeds a pre-determined limit, the CCTV kit can raise an alarm. The screen overlay on the monitor provides a simple to read live status on the current in and out counts. 

This solution is ideal for a variety of retail businesses that need a strict flow into their premises for social distancing purposes. This solution alleviates the need to have staff or security guards stationed at the entrance of buildings counting entries and exits. 

Thermal Imaging

Coupling the latest hybrid thermal network CCTV camera, a blackbody calibration device, and a network video recorder, the Dahua thermal imaging solution can determine multiple temperatures at once. 

This Dahua solution delivers non-invasive temperature measurement at a distance, while effectively reducing false positives, manpower requirements and improving safety.  


These technologies manufactured by Dahua contribute towards a safer, smarter, more convenient and efficient world. At iCam Security, we stock numerous Dahua products, including Dahua CCTV and Intercom kits.


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