What is Dahua Starlight and how does it work?

Nowadays, many security cameras offer night vision capabilities through infrared (IR) technologies. However, basic surveillance cameras typically have an IR range up to 25 to 35 metres. Although this technology does have its purpose, it may produce low quality black and white images in ultra low light environments. 

Dahua Starlight overcomes this limitation of IR technology, providing crisp and seamless footage in complete darkness. Dahua Technology, the manufacturer, achieves this through their strategic combination of advanced low-light technology, sophisticated optical and sensor. 

Advanced Technologies

Back-Illuminated CMOS Technology

Dahua's Starlight range of security cameras feature new and improved back-illuminated CMOS sensor technology. 

Unlike typical front-illumination sensors, back-illuminated sensors increase the amount of light that enters each pixel. This enables the camera to produce extremely high-quality footage in low-light environments. Starlight cameras have a high sensitivity and less random noise, which effectively increases the S/N ratio. Dahua achieves this by implementing a photo-diode structure and on-chip lens that is optimised for back-illuminated structures.

A large range of Dahua cameras with Starlight technology utilise a Sony STARVIS™ sensor. Security cameras equipped with this technology can effeciently illuminate footage from dark environments.

Achromatic Lens

Dahua cameras are equipped with an achromatic lens, enabling them to produce the highest image quality possible. Achromatic lenses include a combination of concave and convex glass, which focuses the different colour wavelengths into a single plane. 

Conventional CCTV cameras without an achromatic lens often experience colour fringing, sharpness, and blurry footage at night. This is exaggerated more if they are not IR corrected.

Smart Image Signal Processor (ISP) Upgrade Enhancement

The ISP converts the captured image into a digital form and performs many operations. These include autofocus, auto exposure and white balance, to refine and enhance images. ISP can correct for imperfections in sensor and lens uniformity, reduce noise, and perform contrast enhancement with Wide Dynamic Range technology.

Intelligent Video Functions

 Nearly every camera on the market is now fully equipped with a range of intelligent video function and video analytic capabilities. Dahua Starlight is no exception, with each camera including built-in intelligent video system analytics (IVS). Video analytics minimise the need to spend hours processing video data, by quickly streaming relevant information and trigger alarms when required. 

Diverse Solutions

Every premises, whether that's a home, business or property, has specific requirements for their particular application. That's why Dahua provides four variations of Starlight technology, each with varying abilities and price points. 

Basic Starlight Technology

Basic Starlight Technology is the most affordable solution and is suitable for low-light performance, rather than complete darkness. This solution has sensitivity down to 0.009 lux. Featuring an IR cut filter, this solution is most suitable for moderate dark areas. For instance, Basic Starlight can be used in parking lots, stadiums and parks, all of which typically have ambient lighting, such as street lights. 

Enhanced Starlight Technology

Enhanced Starlight is the next step up, producing exceptional images in near dark conditions down to 0.005 and 0.007 lux. Similar to Basic Starlight, this solution also features an IR cut filter, though exclusively utilises broad-spectrum 2MP sensors.

As shown in the image below, the footage produced by Enhanced Starlight Technology is easy to interpret and detailed. 

Enhanced Starlight Technology: black and white image example

Enhanced Starlight Technology: Black and White Image in Low Lighting Conditions

Starlight+ Technology

Equipped with a 4/3" sensor, IR cut filter and smart imaging algorithms, Starlight+ Technology provides exceptional colour details in near darkness, down to 0.0005 lux. Additionally, this solution has little to no noise or colour distortion. 

As Starlight+ Technology is suited to dark environments, this solution is ideal for rural or public areas with no ambient lighting. 

Starlight+ Technology: rich colours with little to no noise

Starlight+ Technology: Colour Image in Low Lighting Conditions

Night Colour Technology

Night Colour Technology is the most sophisticated solution that produces extremely crisp and clear full-colour images in ultra low-light scenarios. This solution combines an achromatic large-aperture lens, ISP and high-performance sensor. 

This technology does not have an IR cut filter or illuminators due to its superb low-light sensitivity, hence, this solution produces colourful images 24/7. However, to produce fully saturated colour images, at least 1 lux of ambient light is recommended. 

Night Colour Technology is perfect for applications where full-colour images are required 24/7 in environments with very low ambient lighting. 

Night Colour Technology

 Night Colour Technology: Colour Image in Ambient Lighting Conditions


With sophisticated technologies coupled with a variety of smart features, seeing in the dark is no longer a problem. Offering a varied range of solutions, Dahua Starlight cameras can be tailored to suit many different applications.


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