Paradox PDX-DG85 Alarm Motion Detector

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The PDX-DG85 is an Alarm Motion Detector from Paradox. The Digigard DG85 overcomes environmental challenges by combining a special weatherproof design. Its impact and temperature-resistant casing is lined with an injected rubber gasket and its electronic circuit is protected with a plastic cover to withstand water, snow, wind and dust. This detector identifies humans and ignores animals weighing up to 40kg (90lbs). The DG85 can function in two different operational modes: Relay Mode and Combus Mode. This option can only be configured using DIP switch. Relay Mode: (DIP switch 1 = OFF) The DG85 functions as any standard motion detector by communicating its alarm and tamper signals via relay outputs. The GRN and YEL terminals are not to be used. The detector settings can be modified by using the DIP switches and trimpot.   Combus Mode: (DIP switch 1 = ON) The DG85 communicates alarm signals, tamper signals, data and detector settings via the panel 4-wire Combus. The detector relay output always remains active even when set to combus mode and can be used to activate other devices. In combus mode, the motion detector settings can be modified using the DIP switches and trimpot or by entering module programming mode.

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