Paradox PDX-2WPGM Alarm Wireless PGM

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The PDX-2WPGM is a 2-Way Wireless PGM from Paradox. The Two-Way Wireless PGM provides one PGM for the Magellan console with two-way wireless communication between it and the PGM unit with a zone input. Adding to the exceptional security of the Magellan system is the Backup Alarm Reporting Option which allows you to supervise the communication between the Magellan console and the 2WPGM. 2-Way communication allows the 2WPGM to receive commands from Magellan Transceivers and then confirm the command. Backup Alarm Reporting option (activates PGM output if communication between the Magellan All-In-One- Consoles and the 2WPGM is lost). The PGM can be programmed to activate and deactivate (following an event or a delay) through the receiver. Placing this onto your roller door gives you the option of configuring one of your buttons on your keyfob to open and close your roller door.

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