Why Improving Security Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

As this decade draws to a close, everyone around the globe is deciding on a New Year's Resolution to kick off the '20s with a bang. The most common resolutions are things like starting a new diet, saving money, or finally using that gym membership. However, with the increase in crime over the past few years, it's time to improve your security in 2020 (1). 

Rises in Crime

Reports over the past five years have shown an increase in crime around Australia. In 2017 alone, one home was broken into every three minutes. In total, there were over 220 000 homes broken into. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, improved security is the primary reason for reduced property crime (2).

New and Updated Functionality

If you've recently had a new CCTV system installed - this won't be an issue for you. But, if you are someone who hasn't updated their system in recent years, updating your CCTV system may be worth considering. Just like other IT products, CCTV systems have a finite life and won't last forever, even if kept in good condition. Although CCTV systems that are a couple of years old are still reliable, older models miss out on some of the latest technological advances in the security industry. 

For instance, Hikvision recently released security cameras with DarkFigher technology, which enables cameras to produce crisp and clear footage in the middle of the night. What makes DarkFighter so amazing is that the footage is in full-colour. 

Hikvision has also released their line of AcuSense and ColorVu CCTV equipment with deep learning algorithms, advanced lenses and high-sensitivity sensors. These recent developments in security cameras make CCTV systems more effective and efficient than ever, taking your security to the next level.

Higher Camera Resolution

As well as consistently updating equipment functionality, manufacturers are constantly improving their CCTV cameras through improved camera resolution. Cameras resolution now ranges from as low as 1.3 megapixels to as high as 12! This large range of options allows users to choose the perfect camera that is tailored to their specific needs.  

12-megapixel cameras have exceptional image quality - perfect for when every detail must be captured. By providing such intricate details, this camera can assist users in identifying faces of intruders, and other fine details older cameras with lower resolutions would miss. 

Artificial Intelligence and Analytic Capabilities

In 2019, the capabilities of AI and analytics were highlighted through an array of new products on the market, specifically, the Hikvision AcuSense range. This range includes both security cameras and video cameras.

For example, through the power of deep learning algorithms, these cameras have precise target classification. These intelligent cameras know the difference between an alarm caused by a small animal or tree branch compared to the serious alarm of a human or vehicular intruder. This amazing feature drastically reduces the rate of false alarms and improves workflow. Additionally, video clips are automatically sorted into categories: human or vehicle, vastly improving search efficiency.

Reduced Bandwidth on Networks

With the latest H.265 video compression, new security cameras have lower bandwidth and storage requirements - without sacrificing the image quality.

Tax Deductible Benefits

It's good news for business owners. There may be opportunities for equipment, such as CCTV, to be claimed on tax. Certain businesses may also have the possibility to claim this expense as an instant write off. We recommend that you check with your accountant on your eligibility and opportunity to make a claim such as this. 

Start the new decade with a safer home and a more secure business. Make prioritising your security your 2020 New Year's Resolution.


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