Paradox PDX-ZX8PWR Alarm Expander Kit

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The Paradox IC-PDX-ZX8PWR zone expander kit is compatible with MG Series, SP Series, E Series and Digiplex EVO.  It adds 8 zones to the existing panel and 1PGM outputs. The 8-zone Expansion Module ZX8 is an interface between the control panels and any hardwired detection devices. The ZX8 connects to the control panel's combus to provide eight additional hardwired inputs and one 50mA on-board PGM output. Paradox metal enclosure and accessories kit. Suits all Paradox panels and modules and is supplied with battery, plug pack, tamper and telephone lead. The PS817 switching power supply automatically transfers to standby battery power in case of AC power failure. It works with gel-cell and lead acid batteries. In Kit 1 X ZX8  1 X PDX-KIT1  1 X PS817 Feel free to ask any questions by dropping us a line or calling

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