Paradox PDX-RX1R Alarm Wireless Receiver Kit

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The PDX-RX1R is a Paradox Wireless Receiver Kit. This Kit comes with Wireless Receiver and REM15 Remote. The RX1 Wireless Receiver adds wireless receiving capability to the E55 and SP Series panels (V5.0 and higher). Adding the RX1 to an installation allows for the use of remotes as well as wireless one-way zone transmitters (SP Series only) with the system. The REM15 wireless remote control is a one-way device that can transmit your actions to your Paradox security system.  Remote control compatibility: REM1, RAC1, REM15, REM2 Transmitter compatibility: DCT10, DCTXP2, DCT2, PMD2P, PMD75, PMD85, SD738 (SP only) In Kit 1 X PDX-RX1  2 X PDX-REM15

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