Paradox PDX-REM3 Alarm Remote

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The PDX-REM3 is an Alarm Remote from Paradox. The REM3 is a stylish wireless hand-held 2-way remote keypad. The REM3 provides independent arming/disarming in any mode (arm, sleep, stay, or off) for two partition. It also displays the system status for both partitions with visual and audible feedback via its two independent row of lights. Furthermore, the REM3 can display your arm status, whether you are close to home or away. It is compatible with the MG5000, MG5050 and Spectra SP series V3.00 (or higher) and RTX3 V1.31 (or higher). It supports StayD and will keep the last system status received from the control panel in memory. Momentarily press the Info button to display the last system status--even when out of range. It has a built-in transceiver, independent arm, sleep, stay and off buttons and LED display per partition. With its compact, water-resistant design and many features, this is a great pendant for Paradox systems.

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