Microlatch REC-20 4 Channel Weigand Receiver

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Ideal for retrofitting or expanding existing card access systems, enabling long range wireless wiegand for boom gate, garage and general access. Used in combination with wiegand cards, offering same wiegand number to individuals whom require a long range solution in addition to building card access. The REC-20 secure RF Wiegand receiver extracts Wiegand data from within the RF Rolling Code Carrier Frequency. Thereafter the Wiegand platform provides full access monitoring and administration functions for card and keyfob holders. The integration of encrypted RF rolling code communication to Wiegand systems actually increases the security of the platform by offering encrypted and non-replayable data streams over 433MHz and distances capable to exceed 100 metres / 300 feet. Microlatch offers a truly unique solution, in that, wiegand data can be integrated into a standard keyfob or fingerprint keyfob and used in a multi-purpose range of applications. When the wiegand data is extracted the keyfob or BIOFOB (TM) simply provides the secure carrier to communicate the wiegand number relating to the user. When the same keyfob or BIOFOB(TM) is used on a PC or at home for garage, door access or security alarm panel operation, the carrier data is used as a confirmation of access / authorisation - offering a first-ever multi-use security device with long range wireless communications. The REC-20 Wireless Receiver offers simple and low-cost expansion for any existing access control systems incorporating industry standard Wiegand protocol. Therefore, the Microlatch RF receiver can be added to any existing wiegand controller platform and installed in parallel with any standard card reader at 26 bits communication. This solution offers immediate integration with no-customer down-time. Additionally, a system can be installed at affiliated offices or at home, utilising the same keyfobs for operation of a range of controllers, door alarm panel, PC logon garage and gate entry systems, instead of expensive upgrades or diverse systems requiring the carriage of several keyfobs or access cards. Microlatch provide a range of attractive and slim-line keyfobs, plus the most secure device on the market today, BIOFOB (TM) with an integrated fingerprint module allowing the owner to use this device worry-free. The owner's finger templates are held inside the BIOFOB (TM) and offers their sole-use to operate or access any area, even cabinets for drugs, cash or personal items.

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