Eyelock EL-N-NXT-DEMO Kit

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The EL-N-NXT-DEMO is a Nano NXT Iris Recognition System Demo Kit from Eyelock. The Eyelock Iris Recognition System uses video based technology to look at more than 240 unique characteristics in each iris. Eyelock's proprietary algorithm converts the characteristics of each iris to a unique code, which is encrypted and converted to a unique user template. Each time the user looks at the EyeLock Reader, an EyeLock algorithm matches the newly created template to the existing template in just seconds. The EyeLock platform has been developed to adhere to a specific authentication process in order to identify the user. EyeLock’s algorithm first establishes that the user is alive and then initiates the process of authentication. The Nano NXT authenticates up to 20 people per minute, in-motion and at-a-distance with unparalleled accuracy.

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