Top 6 Reasons You Need A Security System

Getting a security system can often seem like a daunting, pricey, or simply unnecessary task for many.

It’s almost too easy to convince yourself that it’s not worth the hassle & cost, or that you just don’t really need it.

In reality, a proper home security system is invaluable.

Not only does it deter crime and break-ins, but can also lower insurance costs, offer critical information for law enforcement, give you peace of mind, and so much more.

There are many different types of security systems, the most popular of which are CCTV systems and alarm systems.

As you’ll soon find out, security systems can do infinitely more than just ‘deter and prevent crime’.

Modern systems are cheaper and significantly more capable than they ever have been. This means that with every day that passes, there are more and more reasons to install a security system.

Protect Loved Ones and Valuables

When we think security system benefits, the very first thing that comes to mind is the protection of our loved ones and valuables.

Without a security system to monitor and guard your property, the detection and deterrence of crime are left almost entirely to chance.

This can often mean that reporting a break-in, destruction or theft of property, vandalism, etc, is entirely reliant upon neighbours or a passer-by.

You should be able to have the confidence that your property and its contents are safe.

Almost all of us will know someone who has had electronic devices, jewellery, equipment, and other such valuables stolen via break-in or other means.

These losses can be made worse when irreplaceable or treasured items are lost to theft, only to later be sold online or simply thrown out.

Statistics collated by the Australian Institute of Criminology show that most break-ins occur during daylight hours rather than at night – when the attraction of apparently unoccupied dwellings may outweigh the risks of being spotted in broad daylight.

This creates an obvious risk for adults who may leave the elderly or children unattended while at work.

In the event of a burglary, situations can quickly become dangerous for occupants when an intruder was expecting an empty residence. 

Simply having a security system is often enough to warn loved ones and give them enough time to get to a safe location while the authorities are notified.

Deter Crime and Break-ins

In many cases, simply having a security system is enough to deter unwanted trespassers and criminals from entering a property.

Visible deterrents like CCTV cameras and security provider signage act as the first and one of the most important barriers for criminals.

Those looking for a low-risk opportunity are significantly more likely to be discouraged by visible threats.

2009 study conducted by the Rutgers state university of New Jersey found that merely having a visible security system can help reduce crime rates in the surrounding area.

CCTV Warning Signage

Remote Access & Monitoring

Thanks to today’s tech advancements, security systems can effortlessly be monitored and controlled completely remotely through professional alarm monitoring companies such as Rechenberg.

This means for many systems, the video feed from CCTV cameras can be streamed directly to a mobile device or computer.

Such systems can also be configured to give you live updates and alerts straight to your device, even when away from home.

The ability to give you complete control over security and ease of access is one of the main quality of life improvements that modern systems now offer.

This can act as a countermeasure for daylight break-ins when you may be away at your workplace during the day, or while on vacation.

Holiday break-ins have become a popular choice for robbers and can be challenging to prevent without a proper automated security system.

Peace of Mind

When loved ones and children are involved, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

It’s a worry for any parent to leave their children alone at home while out at work or attending to other commitments.

If a trespasser enters the property, a child or elderly person will likely be unequipped to respond appropriately by calling the authorities.

Additionally, an occupant with reduced mental capacity may not be able to fully understand the situation or even realise a home invasion is occurring.

In such an event, an alarmed security system or one monitored live by a human operator will be able to take the best course of action.

This can include sending an automated alert to a mobile device, sounding a physical alarm, automatically alerting authorities, or sending footage of the premises to be manually reviewed by a licensed human operator.

Moreover, security can be just as much of a concern if valuable equipment or items are kept on the premises.

Security systems can offer peace of mind by monitoring areas that you otherwise may not be able to secure or keep an eye on yourself.

This might be a backyard shed containing expensive power tools, vehicles parked outside a garage, or even just valuables that have been left outside.

Reap the Benefits of IoT Technologies

The security systems of today are more than just a camera pointing at a door.

From carbon monoxide detectors & fire alarms through to infrared motion sensors & standard CCTV cameras, an IoT-capable security system can do it all.

On top of the benefits you gain from a fully integrated CCTV setup, the miscellaneous detectors and sensors can be seamlessly integrated with a range of systems.

This gives you complete control over your residence and its contents.

IoT integrated fire alarms and the like can be a key tool in protecting loved ones and valuables against more natural causes that would otherwise be undetectable via security cameras.

On top of simple security benefits, IoT integrated security systems can also play a key role in assisting the elderly.

Medical alert devices can quickly become lifesaving devices for the elderly in the event of an emergency. In such an event, a medical alert or panic button be activated which can in turn alert emergency services.

Assisting Law Enforcement

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, having a security system doesn’t make a property impenetrable.

In the vast majority of cases, the threat of being recorded or tripping a security alarm is enough of a threat to deter intruders.

For the more opportunistic or determined intruder, only physical countermeasures like security screens or barred windows can prevent an individual from forcing their way onto a property.

In these situations, footage of the property – both inside and out – can provide law enforcement with critical information.

Such information gives insights that otherwise would simply not exist.

This might be so much as the clothing or face of a trespasser, along with any other identifying features that can help to identify an individual.

Cameras situated outside a residence can also reveal things like suspicious vehicles near the property or how a burglar gained access to the property.



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