Identifying COVID-19 via Fever and Temperature Detection

After living under the threat of COVID-19 for so long, researchers and governments have had time to learn more about the fine details of the virus. In that time, we’ve also had the chance to get better at preventing its spread along with spotting the signs & symptoms. One of the key takeaways has been the extreme importance of technologies like thermal cameras and personal protective equipment (PPE), and how it can be used to our advantage.

A barrage of studies and investigations have been conducted on COVID-19 and its symptoms since the first outbreak. These reports show vastly different (and often conflicting) findings from country to country, but within Australia, three of the most common symptoms have been identified. These include Fever (high body temperatures), Coughing, and Loss of smell/taste. To learn more about the signs & symptoms, visit online information from the Department of Health or your state government.

  • Loss of smell/taste & coughs are commonly seen in both colds and flus, while fevers are mainly observed in Flus rather than colds.
  • Shortness of breath (or difficulty breathing) is a somewhat common symptom of the coronavirus not seen in colds and flus, while the opposite is true for sneezing.

The prevalent symptoms in Australia are backed up by a thorough study that collated data from almost 150 separate studies on COVID-19. This study found that 78% of COVID-19 cases had symptoms of fever, followed by:

  • Coughing (57% of cases)
  • Fatigue (31% of cases)
  • Loss of smell/taste (25% of cases)
  • Difficulty breathing (23% of cases)

This makes symptoms of Fever the most significant and prevalent symptom of COVID-19 by a large margin.


In response, thermal devices like handheld laser thermometers have seen a large increase in popularity. While these tools are considerably more practical than oral thermometers, the advantages are only marginally better. Handheld temperature readers require to the operator to be in very close proximity to potentially infected individuals. This means the operator must wear PPE or physically distance themselves with a screening barrier. Additionally, this temperature screening process is generally inconsistent and comparatively slow.

Handheld Laser Thermometer

Handheld Laser Thermometer


In many circumstances, screening process is simply not viable due to the risks it presents to the operator and the public. Thermal cameras are the ideal and most versatile solutions for fever screening. When used effectively, they can minimise many of the disadvantages of handheld alternatives while offering their own unique and powerful advantages.

Hikvision Australia Temperature Screening Camera

Hikvision Temperature Screening Thermal Camera


The single largest benefit of adopting thermal CCTV cameras is the risk of exposure. CCTV cameras like those from Hikvision Australia or Dahua can be operated completely remotely. This reduces the risk of operator exposure in its entirety. A Hikvision camera like the DS-2TD1217B/PA offers absolute control over temperature measurement, surveillance  capabilities, and security, all from a remote location. While remote control is common in CCTV units like this Hikvision security camera, it also highlights that extensive use of PPE is no longer necessary for operators.

Another significant area that thermal CCTV cameras excel at is crowd control. Particularly for high foot-traffic areas, crowds of people become a large risk to operators and others in the crowd. Screening entrants individually funnels a crowd into a single point, creating a high-risk environment for community transmission. Furthermore, an operator will have to move into close proximity with an individual for long enough to get a reading with a handheld device.

Thermal security cameras are capable of reading temperatures up to 10 times faster than an operator with a laser thermometer. Crowds can be rapidly and safely assessed with this technology, also reducing the risks from bottle-necking crowd flow.

Hikvision Temperature Screening Camera Screening Crowd

Hikvision Temperature Screening Camera Screening Large Crowd

Many cameras from the Hikvision fever screening range can even actively discover and track high body temperatures through a crowd. The DS-2TD1217B/PA Hik camera is one such example of this, making it perfect for applications in schools, hospitals, secure facilities, and much more.

All of the fever screening cameras available on iCam Security are excellent for crowd control and far exceed manual temperature readers.


In many environments (small businesses, construction sites, etc.), a more tailored and adaptive fever-screening solution is needed. Thankfully, leading security providers like Dahua and Hikvision recognize this need and have developed some unique solutions. Thermal CCTV solutions can also be deployed and moved as required, rather than being installed in a fixed location (like most typical CCTV cameras).

This Dahua temperature monitoring kit serves as its own fully-capable and transportable fever-screening CCTV installation. A standalone Dahua CCTV system like this is excellent for use as a semi-permanent checkpoint. Dahua’s inclusion of modular and adaptable components make it well suited for monitoring of indoor and sheltered areas. Applications include checkpoints for both small and large offices/workplaces, warehouses, airports, schools, and other similar environments.

Hikvision offers its own comparable CCTV surveillance solutions with a range of cameras to suit any application. These can be found on our temperature screening page.

Temperature Screening Camera Footage

Temperature Screening Thermal Camera Footage


For an even more adaptable solution, the Hikvision handheld temperature screening camera is one of the most versatile solutions available. The Hikvision DS-2TP21B-6AVF/W is packed with features that put it in the same leagues as similarly priced CCTV cameras. This Hikvision thermal camera can be mounted to a stand, operated without a power source, has an 8MP camera, high accuracy readings, and many of the features found in conventional CCTV cameras.

Alternatively, the Hikvision facial recognition and temperature screening terminals are a true do-it-all device. Terminals like the Hikvision DS-K1TA70MI-T and DS-K1T671TM-3XF can serve as completely standalone access control devices. These highly capable Hikvision devices integrate facial recognition, temperature measurement, mask detection, weigand support, door control, bi-spectrum imaging, and so much more into a single unit. For more information on these Hik devices, their descriptions contain more detailed overview.



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