Hikvision's New 4K Pro Series with AcuSense and ColorVu

A new range of powerful CCTV cameras has recently been released by Hikvision, a leader in the IoT & security industries. These cameras are the very first solutions to integrate Hikvision’s cutting edge ColorVu, AcuSense, and 4K flagship technologies. As such, this combination makes them some of the most versatile and reliable security cameras available on the market.

Hikvision cameras have previously been limited to either ColorVu or AcuSense tech. This new Pro Series range utilises both while also being able to stream footage in full 4K.

Hikvision is a global provider of security solutions, with one of the most extensive ranges of IoT & security products in the world. From people counting cameras and LCD video walls through to CCTV solutions, Hikvision has products to suit all needs and budgets. Hikvision products are suitable for both home and business applications and provide professional and tailored solutions to meet diverse requirements. From dome cameras and PTZ cameras to turret cameras and specialised surveillance cameras, Hikvision has a camera style for every scenario.

 In addition to the security industry, Hikvision extends its reach to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics to achieve its long-term vision. Hikvision products also provide powerful business intelligence for end users, which can enable more efficient operations and greater commercial success.

  • In conventional CCTV cameras, Infrared (IR) illuminated footage is only capable of providing black and white video, and often produces optical distortions. These distortions can cause objects, people and vehicles to become completely obscured.
    This may make it impossible to identify key details or distinguish objects from the background. Moreover, black and white footage can hide critical colour information, like the colour of a vehicle or a person of interest’s clothing.
  • False alarms are also a costly and unavoidable issue for the majority of CCTV systems. With every misidentified threat, valuable resources, energy, and the time of security personnel are wasted. If a CCTV camera is limited by its resolution or IR capabilities, this may increase false alarms and make it harder to identify true threats.

Hikvision’s new Pro Series range effectively remedies the inherent issues present in most security camera systems. This is achieved by offering a unique combination of cutting edge hardware and software technologies.

AcuSense technology is tailored to offer some of the best false-alarm reduction solutions on the market. Research has shown that Hikvision CCTV cameras with this tech can successfully filter out 90% of potential false alarms on average.

This is an invaluable tool for both security professionals and small businesses. It can differentiate between moving objects like shadows, leaves, animals, and other such unexpected movements. Movements that would otherwise trigger conventional CCTV intrusion detection algorithms.

This means that movements are automatically categorised as either human or vehicle movements by time and location. This allows different actions to be taken based on what targets enter a scene. An advanced sorting method like this can be highly desirable in applications from industrial sites and villas, through to roadside storefronts.

ColorVu cameras can capture an exceptional level of detail and full-colour video surveillance, regardless of the lighting conditions. As mentioned earlier, supplementary IR light can produce optical distortions and imperfections. In turn, critical details are lost to digital noise, blooming, and muddy images. Hikvision ColorVu cameras can capture more light and with much greater accuracy by using a significantly larger aperture.

The aperture is responsible for how much light the sensor receives, with ColorVu cameras receiving around 4 times as much light. A range of other hardware upgrades has been given to the security camera. This includes the high-quality CMOS sensor and purpose-built optical glasses for minimising optical distortions and dispersions.

4K video footage capture enables users to make the most out of the ColorVu and AcuSense while maintaining high resolutions. The 8 megapixel, 4K cameras capture an exceptional level of detail. These cameras produce a much more vivid image that can capture all of the detail of a ColorVu device. Additionally, the ultra high resolution reduces the chance of blurry or low-quality imaging obscuring key details. This opens up new opportunities for surveillance.

These new Hikvision security cameras will be arriving soon on the iCam Security, the one-stop security webstore.




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iCam Security

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I am after few Hikvision cameras and I wonder if you can provide a quote.
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3# NVR with HDD to suit the above.
4# Hikvision Gen2 IP Modular Intercom Kit for Homes (Flush Mount)

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