Hikvision Australia Deep Learning and AI Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning technologies are deeply ingrained within the forms of surveillance we use today. Traditional CCTV systems are simply not what they used to be. The AI technologies that we all use on a daily basis (whether you realise it or not), are constantly changing and growing more powerful. Surveillance is no exception.

In recent years, Hikvision has been at the very forefront of developing new Deep Learning technologies, and like many others, has adopted these changes with open arms. Across the entire Hikvision range, countless different forms and varieties of AI solutions have been integrated and tailored to suit their applications. Multiple types of Deep Learning algorithms are often rolled into a single device to provide powerful and intelligent solutions. The Hikvision DeepInView range is a prime example of this.

Before having a look at some of the AI tech Hikvision has on offer, it’s useful to have an understanding of what terms like “Artificial Intelligence” and “Deep Learning” actually mean.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad term used to describe something that simulates the way we humans think. Generally speaking, we could label something as ‘AI’ if:

  • It can be fed information– this input data is typically quite ‘raw’ and not very useful to humans in its unprocessed form.
  • It can learn from that information – there are countless different varieties of machine learning techniques that help AI learn, but Deep Learning is the kind most strongly associated with AI.
  • It can use what was learnt – to be considered intelligent, an AI should be able to use what it learnt to move closer towards its objective.

Deep learning is another relatively broad term. Even though our own brains are unmatched in the majority of cases, we’re limited by how much information we can take in. Conversely, Deep Learning Algorithms often can’t get enough data, and excel in applications where they can learn by example. This branch of machine learning is categorised by the use of Artificial Neural Networks.

The Deep Learning algorithms used heavily in Hikvision’s AcuSense, DeepInView, and other AI solutions get their accuracy through extensive training. Artificial Neural Networks are what power Deep Learning. They’re essentially a network of algorithms which are largely inspired by the Biological Neural Networks that we use to process our thoughts. They work in a similar way to our own brains by trying to artificially simulate the way we think.

Hikvision’s Retail Analysis is a perfect example of the use of AI in surveillance. Traditional image processing cameras, like those used for people counting, struggle to accurately deal with fringe cases. People may walk behind or close to others, be unusually short or tall, be pushing a trolley, etc. To a security camera trying to count or track people, practically every human is a fringe case.

People Counting cameras and other such Hikvision retail solutions use Deep Learning and AI techniques to produce extremely accurate results, significantly reducing exceptions. Hikvision software can take the information received from CCTV cameras (like this Hikvision Fixed People Counting Network Camera) placed around a store and produce highly valuable insights.

Hikvision ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is another great demonstration of Hikvision AI technology. To read the characters on a plate, Hikvision employs an advanced and highly reliable Deep Learning algorithm capable of handling any irregularities. You can read more about Hikvision camera ANPR technology here.

Facial Recognition is another AI-powered technology starting to show up more in Hikvision security cameras. Hikvision devices like the DS-K5671-3XF/ZU Terminal are capable of entirely replacing carded access control systems thanks to their Deep Learning-based approach. These devices can be used as an intercom, fever-screening checkpoint, for clocking in to work, etc.

Many of the advanced AI and Deep Learning tools from the above areas can in some way be seen in Hikvision AcuSense technology. AcuSense enables Hikvision CCTV cameras and certain Hikvision NVR systems to significantly reduce false alarm rates while improving detection of real threats. Have a look at our article on Hikvision AcuSense to learn more.

Hikvision is an industry-leading security provider. They offer unique, powerful, and accurate solutions around the world, making them a top choice for any surveillance or security challenges. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable solution, or simply to learn more about them, look no further. Hikvision Australia and iCam Security are Diamond Partners, guaranteeing our products are genuine Hikvision.


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