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Despite many states being free from COVID-19 for several days, Australia is experiencing a worrying new resurgence in cases. The deadly combination of relaxing lockdown regulations and an increasing infection rate is a serious concern for all.

With this second wave and the increasing potential for it to rapidly spread to major cities and towns around Australia, early detection for COVID-19 is critical. Fortunately, in the time we’ve had to get more familiar with the virus and how it behaves, new technologies have risen to meet the demand for fever screening.

How Can Temperature Screening Cameras Detect COVID-19?

As indicated by their name, temperature screening cameras can detect elevated skin-surface temperatures. One of the most common symptoms of the virus is a fever. When infected with a virus-like COVID-19, our immune system typically responds by raising our body temperature. Hence, if the temperature screening camera detects an elevated temperature, it may potentially indicate that the indivdual may have COVID-19. 

Typical measures like taking the temperature of an individual with a standard handheld thermometer are simply not viable when it comes to handling the virus for several reasons. These methods expose whoever is recording temperatures to potentially infected individuals and is extremely time inefficient for large groups of people.

Instead, thermal cameras like those in Hikvision’s Temperature Screening range can estimate body temperatures non-invasively from a physically safe distance, by utilising infrared technology. All objects, no matter how big, small, hot, or cold, emit a kind of invisible light or ‘thermal radiation’ not perceivable by the human eye. In simple terms, this thermal radiation is related to the temperature of an object. You can find out more about this from our article on how thermal cameras work.

All thermal security cameras use this unique property to determine what temperature something is. By combining this technology with face detection algorithms, fever screening cameras can efficiently locate someone’s face and read their body temperature.

Advantages of Temperature Screening Cameras

The most obvious advantage of fever screening cameras is their ability to significantly or completely reduce the risk of exposure to infected individuals. In most cases, physically screening each individual entering some premises is simply not viable. The risk of exposure to temperature screening operators can be extremely high, and it may not always be possible or feasible to monitor high traffic areas.

All CCTV temperature screening cameras in the Hikvision range can autonomously detect high body temperatures. Hikvision has an extensive range of fever screening options which can offer invaluable protection against the threat of COVID-19.

Hikvision fever screening CCTV cameras like the Hikvision DS-2TD2636B/P and DS-2TD2617B/PA are excellent all-around options. These two CCTV cameras are both apart of Hikvision’s fever screening range, providing a non-contact and highly efficient method of measuring skin-surface temperature. Hikvision CCTV cameras like these have two separate camera modules – the optical camera we’re used to, and one for thermal imaging. These video feeds can be digitally fused to display both spectrums (bi-spectrum image fusion).

Hikvision Temperature Screening Cameras: Bi-Spectrum Image Fusion

Temperatures screening cameras like the Hikvision devices mentioned are excellent for monitoring large crowds of people, which leads into the next advantage – Crowd control. These temperature screening cameras are ideal for monitoring temperatures, even in large crowds. This makes them excellent for high-traffic applications like airports, schools, hospitals, building entrances, aged care facilities, shopping centres, residential areas, etc – the list goes on.

Many Hikvision fever screening CCTV cameras, like the DS-2TD1217B/PA dome camera, can discover and actively track people in crowds with elevated body temperatures. Moreover, these Hikvision cameras can almost instantly read body temperatures, meaning even large groups may be rapidly screened for fever symptoms. These features by themselves can be invaluable for areas that experience high levels of foot traffic.

Hikvision Temperature Screening Cameras

Such game-changing fever detection capabilities aren’t good for much unless you can do something about it. Hikvision thermal screening CCTV cameras offer excellent monitoring and alarm control options. As mentioned earlier, many of the cameras in Hikvision’s fever screening range have both thermal and optical camera modules. Alarm and video monitoring options on Hikvision CCTV cameras like the DS-2TD2637B-10/P and other Hikvision temperature screening cameras can be customised to suit a broad range of needs.

Operators can generally choose from three insightful video display options. These include:

  • The standard optical video feed, which is what you’d expect to see from a normal Hikvision CCTV camera system.
  • Hikvision’s interesting ‘bi-spectrum image fusion’ which digitally combines/overlays the thermal spectrum view onto the optical feed.
  • The optical view with thermal data overlaid onto the optical video feed.

Hikvision fever screening cameras have all the alarm and alert options of their non-thermal Hikvision counterparts, but with an added suite of options specific to the fever screening range. A broad range of alarms and alerts can be configured and tailored to suit the environment the camera is being used in.

These can be triggered by a controllable temperature range and further customised with up to 24 different alarm/alert rules. For more information individual devices, please refer to the datasheet supplied by Hikvision (found under the ‘downloads’ section of each product description).

Unique Fever-Screening Options

Hikvision recognises that more specialised and unique solutions are needed to fill the gaps that typical CCTV temperature screening solutions can’t address.

Handheld thermal cameras like the Hikvision DS-2TP21B-6AVF/W are ideal for situations where mounted cameras are inadequate. Designed specifically for skin-surface temperature measurement, these Hikvision devices are highly accurate and reliable and offer so much more than a generic infrared thermometer.

Equipped with both a thermal (160x120 resolution) and optical module (up to 8MP), it can also display a bi-spectrum video feed on the 3.5” LCD touch panel display screen. With up to 5 hours of battery life under continuous use, Hikvision handheld thermal cameras are extremely portable. This also means the operator is not required to be in such close proximity to potential virus carriers.

Hikvision Temperature Screening Handheld Camera: DS-2TP21B-6AVF/W

Hikvision has also developed a fully functional and highly capable walk-through metal detector with the ability to screen individuals for elevatd temperatures. The Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F uses an integrated thermal CCTV camera for no-contact temperature measurements and accurate personnel face-matching. You can find out more about this device on the Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F page.

In addition to the Hikvision handheld and mounted solutions, the Hikvision facial recognition and temperature screening terminals are a true do-it-all device. Terminals like the Hikvision DS-K1TA70MI-T and DS-K1T671TM-3XF can serve as completely standalone access control devices. When an individual wants to gain access to a certain area, they must first approach the Hikvision screening terminal. The terminal can use facial recognition to confirm an individual’s identity, and optionally enforce that the individual must wear a mask.

If fever temperatures are detected, different actions can be taken. These can include denying entry, alerting security, recording the video feed, recording the individual’s identity, or sounding a customisable alarm. Additionally, different Hikvision terminals can also be integrated with an existing access control system and communicate with third-party turnstile via IO output or Wiegand. You can have a look at our other terminals here.


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