Controlling the flow of customers during COVID-19

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease throughout the states and territories of Australia, many businesses are beginning to reopen. However, most retail businesses have a limit on the number of people that are allowed to be inside the store at any one time. This typically requires staff members or security guards to manually count the number of people who enter and exit the store, which can be a tedious task.

Fortunately, Dahua has provided an innovative solution, known as the Dahua Retail Flow Control Solution CCTV Kit, specially designed to track how many people are in a retail environment.



With AI technology and custom configuration, this CCTV kit counts the number of people entering and leaving at a single entrance, allievating the need to have staff or a security guard stationed at the entrance of the building. 

The maximum threshold of people in a building at one time can be individually configured, and if someone attempts to enter once the maximum threshold has been reached, this kit has the ability to raise an alarm or alert. To monitor the number of people present, the screen overlay on the monitor provides a quick and easy to read live status on the current in and out counts. 

The Dahua Retail Flow Control Solution CCTV Kit is ideal for many different retail businesses that require a strict flow of people into their premises for distancing purposes. Although this solution is suitable for a single entrance, a multiple entrance solution is available by special request via this form


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